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"I totally love the Little Mama Products. I use to be a consultant of another beauty product. It was good but I totally switched to Little Mama. I use her facial soap, moisturizers and other creams. My friends totally love her soaps and body creams and I totally love the facial products. Even my friends told me my face looked moist and I had lost some of my lines. Thank you, Little Mama."

"I am submitting this testimonial happily in the hopes that everyone becomes a lover of Little Mama products. I have tried oodles of your different products and have been absolutely delighted with each one. I get so many compliments on my skin and how "lovely" I always smell. All of the ladies in my office have to stop by to use my lotions! Thank you MUCH, Sue, for delivering exactly what you promise and for only using ingredients we can identify and recognize! Even the exorbitantly-priced department store products can't do what your creams, soaps and lotions can! I'm a life-long fan and I am delighted to share my opinion."

"Little Mama Products are not "luxuries" to me, but are essentials. For years now I have relied on the so many of these natural products because they are the BEST there is in soaps, lip balms, lotion sticks, oils and more. Not only will I not use anything but LMP lip balms, soaps, body butter, lotion sticks and essential oils roll-ons, but this is the core of my gift-giving at the holidays and birthdays. Recipients would be horribly disappointed without these to open. Aside from the sheer pleasure and joy of using LMP, my use encompasses health needs. I have CFS and MCS, so perfumes and scents were completely removed from my life. These aromatic products opened up not only the world of scents again for me, but they have a healing effect as well -- particularly the roll-ons. Lastly, the service level and personal attention by the owner is beyond anything ever expected. I cannot recommend the whole company enough. Order something and you will see!"
Nancy S. fern "When I visited "Little Mama's" website for the first time, I read what was in "Little Mama's" soap products.

"Hi, I've just got to say a few things about your wonderful and unique products! I'd given up on anything but the most boring generic fragrance free products because of allergies. Then I discovered Little Mama! I use your Rosemary Mint Soap, Body Butter and Rosemary Mint body oil. The oil helps get rid of my headaches (!) when I dot it on my temples and under my nose. It has a lovely, fresh scent. People say "ooh-you smell so good!" It's the only scent I've been able to use in 20 years! Also I am hooked on your Sugar Scrub which leaves my face squeaky clean and soft. I use Happy Face Lotion every morning and Herbal Silk Night cream several times a week. The difference in the look and texture of my skin is quite noticeable!
I've given gift baskets of Little Mama Products to friends and they always love your products! I'm glad to see your new website. Now everyone can find out about your wonderful products. I can't wait to see what else you come up with!"

"I have been using Little Mama's products for over 3 years and would not be without them. I have very dry sensitive skin and have used a ton of products that were recommended. It didn't take long til I could see the great improvement in the look and feel of my skin without any reaction to the ingredients.
Yes, all I use is Little Mama soap, I even take it on trips. I can actually use soap that smells & feels good and doesn't make me itch."

"We offer Little Mama Products at our business. I'm hooked and several of our customers are hooked on the wonderful quality, presentation and naturally healthful soaps & lotions. I will use nothing else on my body!"
Debby/RabbitFood Natural Products

"Our whole family loves Little Mama Products. We daily use the soaps, facial bars, moisturizers, and body butters. . . ."
Chrissy D.

"I have been using Battle Zone soap for almost a year -- not only has it helped my adult onset acne, I know it's all natural and good for my skin.. . . ."
Becky, Mineral, VA

"I have been using your lip balm and giving all your products as gifts for quite a while now, but I had not yet tried your soaps for myself and I used the Prickly Pear bar for the first time recently and I just wanted to tell you that it is the most delightful soup I have ever used! I absolutely love it. It feels like butter on my skin and leaves me with the most enjoyable, but not overpowering, scent. The cut of the soap is absolutely wonderful as well, the ridged top makes the bar easy to hold on to in the shower. I'm sure you've heard all this before, but I've been using handmade soaps for years and years and I've never had such a wonderful experience with a soap! I can't wait to start using your lotions and still continue to delight my friends and family with your products as gifts. Thank you SO much!"
Anna G., Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you Sue for the wonderful products. Little Mama Products are the best. So far I have only tried the soaps. They provide a relaxing spa like experience to my morning routine. I typically purchase extra for keeping in my linen closet and dresser for that clean country smell. Sue is an amazing woman and very talented folksinger. I am very fortunate to have met her in Sierra Vista at the Gathering. And, after reading the others remarks, I am going to try the other products."
Steven C., California

"I have to tell you that when I used the Lavender Goat's Milk Soap on my children's faces at bedtime, they settled down and went to sleep so quickly! I'm sure it was the soap! "
K.E., Phoenix, AZ

"I just love the juniper berry [Juniper Sage] soap. That particular bar is like a poem. It has such wild smells, invoking images of the deep past."
C.D., Phoenix, AZ

"I forgot to let you know how happy i am with battlezone. i have been using pro active on my daughter for a couple of years now and her acne would only clear up soso. since using battlezone it has improved greatly compared to pro active.and her skin is smoother."

"I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful products and service. You are incredibly quick to ship and your products are wonderful. I look forward to all the little samples you send...they are like Christmas morning each time I get any. I have a whole clamshell of your reg. size soaps mixed in with the samples up in the bathroom and I love to decide each day which smell I want, knowing that, no matter what, it will be good for my skin. The friendly, personalized note each time is unique and refreshing as well.
People LOVE your soaps....the staff at the preschool where I work are all looking forward to my last grandchild coming through because they know they will get your soap as a Christmas gift as they did with the others. If you were on Amazon I would give you 5 stars!"
A.M., Pennsylvania

"I have been on the hunt for years, looking for a deodorant that actually works. (Yes, tried EVERYTHING!) This deodorant works amazingly well and even smells lovely, like lavender. I recommend it to EVERYONE!
Thank you!"
K.E., Phoenix, Az

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