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Little Mama's Sue Harris

fern Nearly twenty years ago, frustrated by the harsh effect commercial cleansers had on my skin, I determined to make my own soap. The combination of soothing oils and other gentle ingredients worked wonders on my face and hands... and the rest of me, too!

fern I was so excited by that first batch, I started to experiment with other soothing and luxurious oils, and organics such as oatmeal, goat's milk, organic aloe vera, lavender and even pine tar. Research led to more ingredients with fantastic innate properties!

fern Each batch of soap is handmade from beginning to end, using my own unique recipes. The hand cut bars are beautifully decorated... yes, they really do come wrapped with ribbon or twine, like in the photos! This makes them darned handy for gift-giving... or, it makes a special occasion of unwrapping and using each new bar. It's like giving yourself a little present every time!

fernIf you live in the Phoenix area, or happen to sojourn through our beautiful Valley of the Sun, I'd love for you to come visit me at one of the Farmers Markets!

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