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Farmer's Markets

If you are looking for me in person, here is a little calendar showing the schedule for my farmer's markets...
You'll be glad to know that the Roadrunner Park market on Saturday is year-round.

If there are certain soaps, or perhaps if there's a large number of a certain scent, that you wish to purchase, you can order and prepay online (deadline is 2:00 pm on the day prior to the market... I need to have time to pull and pack your order!), and indicate that you will pick up your order at the next market. That way, you don't have to worry about me running out of your favorite choices before you get there, and your order will be all packed and ready for you to pick up!



ohhhhhhh K! So, here's the latest news:
In light of the recent announcements by Dr. Birx, I will not be attending this Wednesday (April 8) farmer market. (However, I believe the market will still be open...it’s just that *I* will not be there.)
Also, this coming Saturday market (April 11) will be closed, because all city parks will be closed that weekend.
The website remains open, and I am still shipping orders.

Stay safe, everyone!
Roadrunner Park market WILL remain open, but with a few new rules:
1. No more than two people in the booth at a time
2. We are not allowed to have testers out of any kind, and
3. (this is the hard one) No touching the soaps, except to pick up the ones that you are buying. I am so sorry! But we figure that the more stringent we are in our dedication to keeping you safe, the more likelihood we have of being allowed to remain open and continue to bring you the food and other products that you are needing!
Also... GREAT news here... the Uptown Market has a new temporary home!
We will now be at 7th AVENUE and Bethany Home, in the parking lot of the Bethany Bible Church, 6060 North 7th Avenue!
Similar strict rules will be in effect for that market as well, but we will BE THERE next Wednesday... 9:00 - 1:00!.

Uptown Market in Phoenix
7th Avenue and Bethany Home... 6060 North 7th Avenue... in the parking lot of the Bethany Bible Church.
This is a new TEMPORARY location until this corona virus season passes. We are grateful to the Bethany Bible Church for giving us a new home!
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Roadrunner Park in Phoenix
WINTER HOURS now in effect... 8:00 am - 1:00 pm!
3502 East Cactus, Phoenix, 85032
North side of Cactus Road, just east of Highway 51 (and just west of 36th Street)

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