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Here it is... a solid shampoo bar! (yep, you just rub on your wet hair, and it lathers up real nice!). It'll leave your hair clean (but not overcleaned) and shiny. It's been available here at my farmer's markets for a couple years now, and has a devoted following of all ages. And it is the handiest darned thing for travel... no shampoo leaking inside your luggage!

And yes, you can certainly use this shampoo bar to wash the rest of you, if you like!

It comes in two sizes - - the 3-ounce round one, for home use, and the little one-half ounce "fortune cookie" size, ideal for travel!
It's important to keep dried out in between uses, so that it doesn't get soggy and melt away on you before its time. The small one-half ounce size should be good for 10 to 12 shampoos, which makes it a pretty nifty value!

This shampoo has not been tested on color-treated hair, so I do not recommend it if your hair is colored. If you have any questions about this new bar, just give me a shout

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